HTML5 Backgrounds Video

Cool HTML5 Video

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Embeding Process

Prepare your video in several formats like '.webm', '.mp4' for cross browser compatibility, also add a poster with `.jpg`, `.png` or `.gif` extension:

  ├── to/
  │   ├── video.mp4
  │   ├── video.ogv
  │   ├── video.webm
  │   └── video.jpg

Add data-vide-bg attribute with a path to the video and poster without extension, video and poster must have the same name. Add data-vide-options to pass vide options, if you need it. By default video is muted, looped and starts automatically.

  <div style="width: 1000px; height: 500px;"
    data-vide-bg="path/to/video" data-vide-options="loop: true, muted: false, position: 0% 0%">

Also you can set extended path:

  <div style="width: 1000px; height: 500px;"
    data-vide-bg="mp4: path/to/video1, webm: path/to/video2, ogv: path/to/video3, poster: path/to/poster"
    data-vide-options="posterType: jpg, loop: true, muted: false, position: 0% 0%">

    $('#myBlock').vide('path/to/video', {
      mp4: path/to/video1,
      webm: path/to/video2,
      ogv: path/to/video3,
      poster: path/to/poster
    }, {
    $('#myBlock').vide('extended path as a string', 'options as a string');


Below is a complete list of options and matching default values:

      volume: 1,
      playbackRate: 1,
      muted: true,
      loop: true,
      autoplay: true,
      position: '50% 50%', // Similar to the CSS `background-position` property.
      posterType: 'detect', // Poster image type. "detect" — auto-detection; "none" — no poster; "jpg", "png", "gif",... - extensions.
      resizing: true, // Auto-resizing, read:
      bgColor: 'transparent', // Allow custom background-color for Vide div,
      className: '' // Add custom CSS class to Vide div


    // Get instance of the plugin
    var instance = $('#yourElement').data('vide');

    // Get video element of the background. Do what you want.

    // Resize video background.
    // It calls automatically, if window resize (or element, if you will use something like

    // Destroy plugin instance